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Plan to move from Dropbox to Google Drive? Better think twice

After the huge price drop announced by Google I decided to give it a try. I have been a Dropbox user for a long time, but its prices versus my usage aren’t really compatible.

However, we only realize the pros/cons of a service after taking a closer look and comparing it to another one.

In the follow topics, I will cover some experiments/findings that I made.

3 misconceptions about BDD

(the same version of this article can also be found at ThoughtWorks Insights)

BDD has been often misunderstood among developers, QAs and even BAs. We often hear of teams saying that their project is using BDD, but when we check it out, it turns out to be using only a BDD tool for test automation – and not the BDD concepts itself. So in the end, we hear people arguing about the tools, and not about the ideas that inspired the creation of those tools.

Incremental backups with rsync

Most people in the IT industry are pretty concerned when dealing with backups. For my needs, I basically use just Dropbox (got a few GB for free when I bought a Samsung S3) + rsync.

After using only Dropbox for a while, I decided that I must have a redundant backup of my work. Something that would be closer to me physically, just in case Dropbox collapse or something… Well, I didn’t want to pay for it though.

Automate your Mac provisioning with Boxen (first steps)

One of the coolest tools that I have discovery recently is Boxen. For those who don’t know it yet, a brief overview below. If you already know it, you can jump to the next section. The goal of this post is to share some basic knowledge about it to get you started.

Lojas brasileiras: à vista e a prazo é o mesmo valor

Pouquíssimas são as lojas no Brasil que oferecem transparência sobre qual o juro praticado para que sejam oferecidas as opções de parcelamento (financiamento) de um produto. Infelizmente, ainda existem muitos brasileiros que acreditam quando um vendedor diz que “à vista e em 12x é o mesmo valor”. Balela. Impossível. Isso significa nada mais, nada menos que juro embutido – pura má fé da loja. Mais triste ainda é ver como muitos escutam isso, e simplesmente não dão bola, o que faz com que mais e mais lojas façam uso da mesma artimanha.